Call for Papers

We are pleased to invite you to the 1st “Cloud of Things” (CoT13) workshop in Athens Greece from 16th-17th of July 2013. This workshop will explore the synergy offered by combining the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Intelligent Environments and embedded computing which are often discussed separately, each at their own specialist conference. However, practical deployments of these system are likely to be combinations of techniques from these hitherto separate research areas; the Cloud-of-Things workshop is an opportunity to bring together researchers from these areas to enable them to discuss the issues in a more holistic way  so as to identify possibilities for synergy and cross-fertilization.

As such the coverage of this workshop is relatively broad and covers topics such as (but not limited to, we encourage submissions to any area that has relevance to the CoT):

  • End-user programming approaches to personalizing the CoT
  • Sensor technology for the CoT
  • Software Tools for building the CoT
  • CoT End Users Usability
  • CoT System architectures
  • CoT and ‘Big Data’
  • CoT Development methodologies
  • CoT Digital Ecosystems
  • CoT enabled virtual and mixed realities
  • Social issues of the CoT
  • CoT business models
  • CoT and Education
  • CoT Applications


The next wave of Internet applications, will move beyond managing data to empower people to  interact with the physical world which forms the essential fabric of our lives. It promises to facilitate connecting everything in a person’s life from bathroom scales through cookers to cars (facilitating smart-homes and cities), through environmental sensing (enabling government, company and citizen led enterprises) all of which have the potential to have a massive impact on society as a whole. There are formidable challenges in delivering this vision that vary from technology to sociology and political issues. As explained above. the key technology enablers of this new wave of internet applications are the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Intelligent Environments and embedded computing which are often research as separate topics. In order to provide an opportunity for researchers from the often  diverse research communities involved to meet and explore research synergy, we have organized this workshop which we have labelled the “Cloud of Things“.

Concerning financial drivers,  some estimates suggests that this market could be worth between 22 billion and 50 billion dollars (made up of some 16 billion connected devices) by 2020. These figures seem plausible as there are already said to be of the order of 8 billion embedded-processors and around 1 billion smart phones produced each year, Thus, we believe this workshop is timely and invite you to join us in beautiful Athens this summer to discuss the opportunities for research that this these exciting developments offer.

The Outer Limits

This year we will be including a special session, sponsored by the “Creative Science Foundation” that will encourage a small number of presentations to take a speculative look at future possibilities for the Cloud-of-Things area. These presentation will use a Science Fiction Prototyping  approach. The name for this session The Outer Limits is is derived from an American TV series that aired on ABC during the period 1963 to 1965 which had an  emphasis on science fiction. A particularly memorable feature of this series was that each episode started by the suggestion that your TV was being taken out of your control for the duration of the programme! Apart from being fans of that series, as the name suggests, this session will deal with topics on the future edge of the Cloud-of-Things. If you are submitting to this stream, please select the appropriate option on the submission system.

Program Committee 

Co-Chairs Jeannette Chin
Anglia Ruskin University
jeannette.chin at
Vic Callaghan
University of Essex
vic  at

International Programme Committee

Affiliation Affiliation
Massimo Poesio University of Essex, United Kingdom Bin Hu Birmingham City University, United Kingdom
Wolfgang Minker Ulm University, Germany Angelica Reyes Castelldefels School of Telecommunications and Aerospace Engineering, Spain
Matt Ball University of Essex, United Kingdom Victor Zamudio Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, Mexico
Susi Daryanti Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia May Zhang Shijiazhuang University, China
Faiyaz Doctor Coventry University, United Kingdom Jen Wu National Taiwan University, Republic of China

Format of Submissions

Your paper should be no more than 12 pages (for full papers) or 6 pages (for short papers).  All papers accepted will be published by IOS Press. The format of the papers should adhere to the IOS publication guidelines. If you are interested some other type of submission, please contact the organizers.

Important Dates

  • Papers submission (For Review): 24 April 2013 extended to 29 April 2013
  • Notification of acceptance: 15 May 2013
  • Papers submission (Final Version after review): 30 May 2013

The Venue

CoT’13 will be a workshop of the Intelligent Environments conference, IE’13 located in the beautiful and historic city of Athens. More information on the venue, including tourism, travel and hotels  can be found on the main conference website (

Proceedings (Papers)

The workshop consisted of 13 peer-reviewed papers; 9 regular papers and 4 SciFi-Prototypes published by IOS Press, available as follows:

The Outer Limits (a creative science session aimed at stimulating forward thinking about research into the Cloud-of-Things).

  • Tiina KYMÄLÄINENIF Alice Arrives, THEN Wonderhome Incites” – this SciFi-Prototype introduces an intelligent home for elderly people that uses Cloud-of-Things technology to provide motivational and personalized activities, assistance, and memory. It probes the boundaries of this area by studying a do-it-yourself creation and configuration tool.
  • Yu HUANG et-al, “The Programmer and the Widow: Exploring the Effects of Total Immersion in Augmented Realities” – this SciFi-Prototype presents a Clould-of-Things world where augmented realities are realised through bionic lens’ and, in doing so, explores the relationship between the virtual and physical.
  • Yevgeniya KOVALCHUKTalking Things” – this SciFi-Prototype looks at the consequences of using Cloud-of-Things technologies to augment people’s physical body, mind, and consciousness beyond their current biological limits.
  • Victor Callaghan, “The Maker Fables” – this article uses the SciFi-Prototyping methodology to explore and speculate on the nature of ‘maker’ and ‘hacker’ spaces within a Cloud-of-Things setting.